Discontinuation of LiveChat

The following support update relates to ReferAll's LiveChat.

LiveChat was discontinued on 30th May 2022. It is easy to search for help articles or contact support by submitting a request.
Why did we make the change?
More often than not, LiveChat requests need further discussion making them better suited to a support ticket so they can be resolved with the best solution.
What's new?
The ReferAllBot ensure's you can do two things:
  • Ask a question.
  • We'll find you the best answers from our Help Centre.
  • Search results link to help articles.
If you need more help, or would like to submit a support ticket, just follow the instructions:
Once you have clicked submit, you'll receive a support ticket #confirmation email.

Tip: The Help Centre, articles, and support request form can still be accessed after logging into your account by selecting the ? icon.