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How to place a referral on hold during the pandemic

Here's how best to place a participant on hold due to COVID-19 Government restrictions.

We recommend creating a referral task "On Hold" by heading to Manage Tasks from the dashboard and selecting New Task. 

1. Follow the screen shot below as for parameters but title the task to suit your programme.

  •  2. Once the task is created click Save. This task can now be used within a referral record or in bulk from List Referrals.
  • 3. To add this task in bulk from List Referral head to the icon and perform a search using any available parameters such as those in Participating who have attended more than 6 sessions.
  • 4. Open batch actions at the bottom of the page (if you are unable to see batch actions please speak to your Super User or contact support@refer-all.net).
  • 5. Once the batch actions panel is available use the bulk raise feature to apply this task by clicking Raise Task to any or all of the people you have selected in the search.

  • 6. To remove this task in bulk once required you complete the same actions above but instead of raising the task you select the task and complete it.