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Release Notification for Tuesday 15th September 2020.

Improvements made to Report by Activity Attendance

Release Notification for Tuesday 15th September 2020


1. Introduction

ReferAll team have been working hard on areas of the system that can provide you all with great new features and useful data and are pleased to be sharing some of this work with you in this Release.

2. About This Release

The team here felt that an improvement to the Reporting area would be of great benefit to our Customers.

The Reporting area we concentrated on was Report by Activity Attendance.

We are confident that the enhancement we have developed in this area will result in a more detailed view for you all.

Please follow link below to see more information:

Activity Attendance Report


The other area we are pleased to share with you is Stated BMI will now calculate in the Biometrics tab.

Further details below:

Stated BMI Calculating in Biometrics


If you have any questions regarding any of the above please contact us via email: support@refer-all.net, online Chat, or by telephoning on 0845 465 1052.

Kind Regards from the Team at ReferAll.