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Social distance/remote appointments or sessions

Here's how to create a remote (zoom or other) session and invite participants to a remote session.

Social distance appointment: The following steps take you through setting up a new activity. 
  • From the Activities navigation icon, create a new activity from the Manage Activities page.
  • Name the activity something specific e.g. remote session.
  • Complete all necessary items in the box, paying attention to the capacity area. 
  • Click save.
  • Now create a venue from the venue tab and name the venue remote venue or online session, anything to remind you that the session takes place at a non physical site.
  • Once a venue is created, from Manage Activities, click the Sessions link next to the Remote Session activity.
  • State the day/time/date of the session and set the venue to match the newly created venue in point 5.
  • Generate the session, which then allows participants to booked in to that session.
Social distance appointment: Invite your patients/clients to a non face-to-face appointment by text.
  • In order to invite participants to a non face-to-face session you need to have the bulk actions feature enabled. To check this, head to List Referrals and scroll to the bottom of the page. If bulk actions is enabled you will see the check box to show bulk actions.
  • You also need a particular session created in order to invite someone to (see Part 1 of this article).
  • Filter the list of referrals you would like to invite from List Referrals e.g. those intending to participate (ITP) or Participating (P) for a particular scheme and click search. Now select the bulk actions check box at the bottom of the page. Either mark each referral signally or use the 'all' feature to select all referrals in the list.
  • To create the invite compose a message remembering to include [FirstName] as a mail merge template. You can compose the message direct in the system once you have filtered the results.
  • Enter the details of the session (from Part 1) and once happy with your message click send. You can schedule the date and time if desired.
  • Participants can reply to your message stating that they would like to be booked. Once you've received confirmation book the participant to the session and they will receive a confirmation and reminder for that session.