New Member App!

We are thrilled to announce that our Member App is now live.

What is the Member App?
The Member App is an intuitive platform for your users to book appointments online. Members can book, cancel and amend their bookings for your key activities.

Why use the Member App?
Scheduling appointments can be a burden for both parties. Rather than spending time arranging and re-arranging appointments allowing Members to book their own reduces the burden and speeds up service delivery.

Will I know if a Member has booked an appointment?
Absolutely, you will receive a notification on your ReferAll dashboard if an appointment is made or cancelled. If working with one-to-one appointments and a Member cancels, then this appointment is made available for others to book immediately.

Will SMS reminders and confirmations still work?
Of course. As soon as an appointment is made the Member receives a confirmation SMS. Depending on your set-up they will also receive an SMS reminder prior to the appointment.

How do I send a Member a request to sign up?
Once we have configured the Member App for your scheme you will notice a panel within the referral record. Click the link and we will send an email request to that Member. They click on a special link within the email and provide a password. From here they can login using their email address and password. 

What if a Member forgets their password?
They click the forgotten password link and provide their email address. If it matches the one on record we send a reset email to the Member and they create a new password. There is no need for Members to contact you or ReferAll to retrieve their password.

The Member App looks different to the ReferAll we are used to seeing
We have built the Member App using our new UI (User Interface) which we will be rolling out across all of our apps in the future. It is mobile friendly and responsive on all platforms. Ease of use means that it can be operated via touch or mouse/pen. 

How much does the Member App cost?
Many of our customers have expressed interest in different functional aspects of the Member App. We have launched the first which is bookings. The second phase will allow Members to complete questionnaires online.

We appreciate that your service may not want both sets of functionality so it has been developed to be flexible and work with you. You can select one or both sets of functionality.

  • Member App Bookings - £495 per annum per scheme
  • Member App Questionnaires - Coming soon - £495 per scheme/s

How do we sign up?

Send a ticket via this helpdesk and we will send a formal quote for approval.

We hope you enjoy using the Member App and please feel free to contact us.

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