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Quick access to improvements from baseline

Hi everybody

We are being asked more and more about the progress of our participants on an individual basis and improvements from baseline.

Is there a way of seeing people's improvements from baseline and at their various evaluation points, by just pressing a button rather than having to run a report and filter by the participant? maybe in a similar way as reporting biometrics?

For example, IPAQ questionnaire and  METs improvements

#name #baseline 230 METs  #3 months 850 METs #6 month 1550 METs

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Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your new feature suggestion. We are trying to build up participation in the ReferAll Community...if you can nudge any colleagues who use ReferAll to vote, that would be great!

Many thanks,


Rachel Stokes

Head of Consulting

Tel: +44(0)845 465 1052 

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