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It would be useful to have a built in e-signature box that we can use to help us go paper free. 

This feature could be used on the referral portal (referral form), so clients and health professions can sign to consent as appose to ticking a box and for our consent/contract from(s) that require a signature. 

I'm sure others would agree to keep all documents in one place very useful with GDPR regulation coming into force very soon.

Kind regards,

Kevin Morris


Hi Kevin, 

Thank you for submitting this suggestion. I have just been discussing this with the technical team and we have recently developed the functionality to add a signature to any of the questionnaires. This is soon to be released into the live environment therefore we will keep you posted. 

Many thanks for contributing to the forum. 


Hi Kevin,

If needed we can now bring e-signatures into questionnaires. It's a separate panel and there is a requirement that you are using our 'new' type of questionnaire, but it is possible. 

One of the guys can you show you this if you require.


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