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Bulk Emailling - Grouped to date from set to particpating


I think it would be a good idea to be able to have the feature we can use with text messages, whereby we can send a text automatically a set number of days after being set to particpating.

This would be useful to send all week 2 people on a programme an email giving specifics on their journey (new to the programme just getting started), and those further along the programme would receive a time specific email to them.

This would act as like a newsletter, where we can signpost to other parts of the company, classes, activities etc, but also webistes, so would need to be bigger than what we could send in a 160 character text message, but each email would be unique depending on the week of the programme they are on.

Thank you,


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I think this is a very useful idea, maybe with the option of attachments as well?



Hi Chris and Nick,

Thanks very much Chris for adding this suggestion to our Community Feature Board.

It is an idea that, as you say, could work in much the same way that text msgs do currently in ReferAll. The feasibility of such a feature will be looked at by our development team, along with the amount of support it receives so please get your colleagues on board if they support the suggestion.

In the meantime I have been racking my brains as to a workaround. I've come up with this alternative:

The use of Sub-States.

You can create a sub-state, as in this example to run automatically two weeks after going referrals go to Participating, then filter in List Referrals and send a bulk email. To learn more about sub-states here is a link to our helpdesk solutions article:

If you require further support with creating and using sub-states please let us know.

Give it a go and do let us know how you get on.



Rachel Stokes

Head of Consulting

P.S. May I suggest you consider a comparison between the number of email addresses you have in your schemes to mobile numbers (with consent to contact). Text msgs can have links, for example, consider adding a website address where you store a monthly newsletter for your clients to click and read. There is evidence to support that open and response rates from text msgs are much greater than from emails. Just a thought. 

Thanks, Rach

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