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Automatic Email Confirmation

Would it be possible to incorporate an automatic email confirmation that includes:

  • Date of activity:
  • Time of activity
  • Venue (potentially with embedded google map)
  • Instructor Name
  • HTML text customisable by organisation

Maybe an option to auto add to your calendar on your phone (iCalender, google calendar etc)

Similar principle to text but email so more graphic with more information.


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Hi Ian,

Thanks for putting this forward. 

We haven’t developed this feature yet, mainly due to text messages have been shown in research to have the highest engagement rate, however we’ll monitor this feature request for interest received. 

In the meantime as a variation/ workaround; a url link can be included to text message campaigns. If this would help get clients to web pages etc please complete a change request form:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many regards,


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