Adding a Referrer whilst within a Referral record

To add a referrer to a referring organisation

Whilst entering paper referrals, you may find a referrer is not on the list of referrers when you have selected the organisation. Add the referral as normal but at the end you must complete the following steps.

1. Select the organisation. If the Referrer is listed then select that person, otherwise Click Add New Referrer

3. Enter the first name and surname of the referrer and tick the check box . Click Match Referrer. The system will check whether someone with a similar name or the same name exists. This is possible because of staff moving round or being based at numerous locations. If the person already exists, select that person and go to step 5.

4. Chose the specialisation of the person and select the organisation you are assigning them to.

5. Click Add Referrer.

Removing a Referrer whilst within a Referral record

To remove a referrer to a referring organisation

When entering a referral

1. Select the organisation.

2. Click Remove next to the referrer that you want to remove.

Remove a Referrer from the List of Referring Organisations

You cannot remove a Referring organisation, but you can make them Inactive

1. Click the Referring Organisations icon 

2. Select the scheme you are needing from the drop down list 

Then click Search

3. Click Set Inactive

NB You are not able to remove a referrer who has open authorisation requests (this only applies to clients using online referrals and authorisation)