NB This is for Scheme Administrators only.
Please note in order for Members to receive a registration email they must have an email address within their referral record.

Step 1 - Send the registration email

At the bottom of the Patient tab, in the ReferAll membership section, click the link Click to Create an Account.

A registration email will be sent to the email address found in the person's referral. Please note the email can take around 10 minutes to arrive. For good practice it is wise to inform participants that the initial message may arrive in the Junk / Spam folder, if it does, kindly ask them to mark as not junk and remove from the junk folder to ensure that future communications reach them.

Step 2 - Assign the activity/activities that the person can book themselves in to

Each activity must have available appointments set up (see the article foundĀ here to learn how to create sessions)