NB - this is for Scheme Administrators only

This article will increase as questions come to light. If your question is not answered here, please contact us via submitting a ticket.

Q - Am I notified when a client books or cancels a session?

A - Yes, a task will generate in the normal way notifying you of a booking being made or cancelled

Q - Is there a help desk or guide for clients?

A - Yes, they can click on the ? icon (found in the top right of the screen once they have logged in) which will guide them on what to do. For more information please see our accompanying article HERE.

Q - What is the link for a referral to log into the Member App?

A - The link to log into the Member App is  https://secure.refer-all.net/member/login we would suggest you bookmark this to your favourites, so it is easily accessible.

Q - Can the referral choose a range of activities within the calendar? 

A - You will need to assign the relevant activities within each referral, this will then enable them to book the sessions most appropriate to them within the Member App.