NB - This is for scheme administrators and activity administrators only

If you see a referral with a red name, there is an important note regarding this referral.

If you hover over the name the important note will appear.

How do I put an important note on the referral?

  1. Go the the ' History' tab within the referral.
  2. Enter your own important note in the blank field provided.
  3. Underneath this box is a button you will need to tick called ' Important Status' - Then press 'Add referral Note'.
  4. You will see the referrals name highlighted in Red.

How to remove the referrals name highlighted in red?

  1. Go into the referral and click on the ' History' tab
  2. There is a column in the history notes which is titled ' Important' - Once the important note is no longer important/ complete you can then untick this box and the referral name will no longer be highlighted in red.