NB - This is for Scheme Administrators and Activity Administrators only

If you are unable to process a new referral which you are trying to enter into the system, it may be due to what browser you are using the Refer-All system in. Follow the below steps to rectify;

  1. Open up different browsers on your computer - (Internet Explorer/ Firefox/ Google Chrome)
  2. Try and process/ delete a dummy patient to test if its the browser you are using which is causing the problem.

 If the browser is not the cause of the problem 

  1. If all of your browsers work with the Refer-All system in place and the problem persists, you need to send us a help-desk ticket explaining what the problem is and the process you have done to check the system in the different browsers.
  2. Once we have received the ticket, we will alert you once solved.

    Please allow 48 hours for this process to go live in the system.