NB - This is for Scheme Administrators and Activity Administrators

To Manage registers and attendance - sessions that are booked prior and are not drop in or open, please follow the below guidelines;

For sessions that are booked prior and are not drop in or open;

  1. Click on the Manage Activities icon.
  2. Click on the Manage Session Registers tab.
  3. Select the appropriate session.
  4. A list of names for the people that have booked or been booked into these sessions will be displayed. Once a session time has elapsed the display changes and you can specify if the person attended or was absent from the session. To mark if someone attended or absent, select the appropriate people and click Mark Attended, then select the other. If someone has attended a session Refer-all automatically creates an entry in the client's activity diary (viewed through Manage Referral).
  5. Once you are happy that the register has been completed click Finalise Session. This closes the session and removes it from the list. Once a register is finalised, attendance records cannot be modified.