NB - This is for Scheme Administrators and Activity Administrators only

To edit an activity, please follow the below guidelines;

  1. Click on the Manage Activities Icon (highlighted).
  2. Select the activity you would like to edit and click Edit.
  3. You can now edit these details (fields in yellow are mandatory). Click Save

Description of fields:

Activity definition:

  • Activity title - the name of the activity
  • Activity description - what the activity entails
  • Activity classification - what the activity is

Activity provider:

  • Activity Provider - the provider of the activity
  • Edit details - edit provider details
  • Add new provider - add details for the new provider

Activity usage:

  • Which schemes the activity is available for
  • Whether text message reminders of sessions are sent

Activity configuration:

  • Includes a pass/fail assessment - required if the client needs to pass this type of activity to gain access to the      scheme/service
  • Session duration - how long each session will last
  • Activity type - the type of activity
  • Auto-finalise activity register - if selected, register will finalise automatically once everyone on the register has been marked as attended or absent.

Activity risk level management;

  • Intensity - the intensity of the activity
  • Induction risk level threshold - the risk level a client may have and still be able to take part safely.

Activity Price:

  • Basis for activity usage - membership is unlimited access, session based is for activities that allow a person a specific number of sessions for that activity
  • Price to client - amount the client pays
  • Price frequency - how often the client has to pay

Session Management:

  • Maximum class size - maximum number of clients allowed in the session
  • Session cap per client - maximum number of sessions allowed per client
  • Weekly session cap per client - maximum number of sessions allowed per client per week
  • Count missed sessions in caps - select if you want to include missed sessions in the amount of sessions a client is allowed