The Refer-all Standard Report is accessible from the Dashboard. 

  1. Click the View Report link on the Dashboard.
  2. Select the appropriate scheme from the drop down menu at the top left of the page.
  3. Select the desired time period using the definable date range.
  4. Select the desired report under Report Selection. Click Generate Report.

The report details the numbers of referrals within each stage (ie referred, participating etc) and percentage take up across all time.

Note. By default the report is based on the date of referral and not the date that the referral moves from one stage to another. If you would like to report on date of movement to a state then select the 'Absolute' radio button. This will show you the number of people that have moved into that state within the date frame set.

Note. For Task Status Report. By default the report is based on the date of referral. By date of referral shows current status of tasks for referrals made in any given time period. By absolute date is by date task is raised or closed which shows how much work was done in any given time period.