NB - If you do not have text messages enabled but want to, please contact us.

Text Message Requirements:

Please be aware of the following advice and requirements for Text Message use and management.

The first is the number of characters allowed per text. You are allowed 160 characters including spaces in one text message (this will cost one text credit to send which is 4p

For every 160 characters you use, you use another credit. For example, a text message that consisted of 200 characters, the cost would be two credits (1-160 = one credit, 161 to 320 = two credits). 

When creating or amending a text message, you will need to take into consideration we do not accept the words 'today' / 'tomorrow' / 'yesterday' within the text. Appropriate dates relating to the activity or session the referral is booked onto or has attended, needs to be applied.

No Emojis - The text message service does not currently support emojis being sent

Set Up (Once text messages have been enabled):

To view text messages, click on the Text Messages icon on the Dashboard. If you cannot see this icon, you do not have text messages enabled. The remaining credits are displayed on the dashboard in the Schemes panel.

You can filter the messages by scheme

You can filter the messages by delivery status (Queued - the message is yet to be sent to the text message provider, Pending - the message is with the text messaging partner but not yet delivered, Delivered - the message has been delivered, Failed - the message could not be delivered)

You can filter the messages by type including messages received from client

You can delete messages so they are not sent before they are sent to the text message provider. Once they are with the text message provider, you cannot delete the message.

Your clients can reply to messages which you can view from the Dashboard by clicking View on the notification. If you want to reply to the text the client has sent, you can. Select ad hoc text message and write in your response. Please take note of the character limit and remember to sign the message off.