NB This is for Scheme Administrators only

You can integrate your referral's LF Connect accounts with their referral record in ReferAll.

Please follow the instructions below to link a referral and their LF Connect account. 

Please note, the person will need to have set up an LF Connect account prior to linking it to ReferAll. An activity with the activity type Life Fitness enabled activity will also need to be set up. Click here to see how to create an activity 

1. Assign the Life Fitness activity to the referral. Click here to see how to assign an activity

2. In the referral record. Click the Click to authorise link

3. The person will then have to enter their User ID or email address and password to the LF Connect authorisation screen and click Allow

4. The message below confirms that the LF Connect account and ReferAll record have been linked together and any activity recorded via the LF Connect app will be visible in ReferAll

5. Refresh the referral record and the integration will display as authorised