NB - This is for Scheme Administrators and Activity Administrators only

Should you have multiple tasks appear against one referral which are very similar, its likely they are using the same trigger/event.

We have introduced substates which allow you to filter referrals further than just by their status.Substates are created via assigning tasks and remain until that task has been marked completed. This means the substate can be carried across mutliple statuses.

For example

You may want to know how many people you have sent a welcome letter to but who have not responded yet. So in the task list drop down you would have a task which you added to a referral when you have sent the letter so you can set them to Not Participating if they do not respond within a certain timeframe. Now, you can tick the Substate task check box and add in the applicable substate.

If the referral task is added to the referral either by the system or by user, the substate appears in the referral underneath the statuses

In list of referrals you can filter by substate. Choose the appropriate substate you want to filter by, choose whether you want to see substates that are Active (appear in a referral record), Closed (no longer appear in a referral record) or Historic (anyone who had that task assigned in the past, before substates were created) and click Search.