NB - This is for Scheme Administrators and Activity Administrators only.

This feature allows you to complete a task for a group of individuals. As an example, if you have sent a letter to a filtered group of individuals then you would use the bulk complete task feature to complete that particular task.  

In list of referrals

  1. Apply the relevant filters. Click Search
  2. Select the individuals that you wish to complete the task for by ticking the box beside their name. 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the results and tick batch actions
  4. Select the task that you wish to complete.
  5. Click Complete task.
  6.  All of those individuals in the list will have that task completed.

Please note that if you tick All in List Referrals (the box to the left at the top of the list of referrals) it only selects the first 50 that are displayed. To select all of the referrals you need to expand the list by ticking Show all.