NB - This is for Scheme Administrators and Activity Administrators only.

Assigning context to a session allows you to differentiate between sessions. 

To assign context you will need to be in a session register. There are two ways to navigate to a session register from the Activities icon:

  1. Click on Manage Session Registers.
  2. Click into the desired session.


  1. Click on Manage Activities.
  2. Click on Sessions from the desired activity.
  3. Click on Manage Register on the session date.

  • Go to the Session context drop down (located to the middle and above the list of attendees) and select context.
  • The context you have selected will be displayed. 
  • To remove context from the session simply select No Context from the drop down. 

Session context enables you to filter your view from Manage Session Registers. This makes it easier see activities with various associated contexts for example, Core 1, Core 2 etc in any selected month.

  1. Click on the Activities icon.
  2. Click the Manage Session Registers tab.
  3. In the list there is an additional filter for Session context. Click the drop down and select the context required. 
  4. The Manage Session Registers view will automatically filter by Session context.