NB - This is for Scheme Administrators and Activity Administrators only.

Adding a biometric measure to a referral record from within the session register will save you time when completing a session register.

There are two ways to navigate to a session register from the Activities icon:

  1. Click Manage Session Registers.
  2. Click the desired session.


  1. Click Manage Activities.
  2. Click Sessions from the desired activity.
  3. Click Manage Register on the session date.

In the session register complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the far right of the individual's name and click Add Biometric.
  2. After clicking Add Biometric, a pop-up box opens. 
  3. The default date is today. Amend the date if applicable, via the date picker and add the individual's measurement in the right hand box.
  4. Click Save.

A tick will show next to Add Biometric, indicating there is one or more biometric measurement saved.

  1. To amend the measurement, repeat the above process.
  2. All measurements and dates added are recorded in the referral record/Referral Details /Biometrics tab.