This latest release will be placed into production on the night of Thursday 9th August 2018 and will be available in the system Friday 10th August.  

New Feature : Origin of biometric  

When entering a biometric value the origin of that measurement is recorded. This feature allows for more precise reporting (if required) and details how the measurement was obtained.

The origin is recorded, and is available in the far right column of the Biometrics tab as per the image below.

You will notice some additional drop down menus associated with a biometric reading. These are configurable per scheme. By default, there is an option to provide the intervention point where the measurement was recorded. This is particularly useful if your scheme is not recording biometrics within a questionnaire. 

As a reminder, where more than one entry is made the system provides a hyperlink which opens the history for that particular measurement. We find this a great feature when demonstrating improvement to a participant. As an extension we have included an option to delete an entry. The option to delete an entry is controlled by permissions. Therefore, you may not see the option to delete. If you require this option then please contact us.

Naturally, the system asks before deleting and you need to confirm this action before proceeding.

Any changes that are made will be reflected in the referral History tab. As highlighted below, the history entry shows the fact that the biometric value has been deleted.

If you have any questions concerning these features please submit a ticket or give us a call.