This latest release will be placed into production on the night of Wednesday 7th November 2018 and will be available in the system Thursday 8th November.

During the maintenance window of 23:00 hours 07/11 to 02:00 hours 08/11 the system will be unavailable. 

New TimePicker

The previous release addressed an underlying issue with the then current TimePicker (the mechanism for selecting a time) and in the process introduced the selection of AM and PM. Following the feedback that we received about the AM/PM change and in response to that we have developed a new 24 hour TimePicker that operates as indicated below. 

The new TimePicker consists of a pair of linked dropdown menus for selecting the hour (in 24 hour format) and the minutes. The minutes dropdown is presented either in 5 minute increments or in 1 minute increments dependent on the context.

Please let us know if you have any queries regarding this notice.