Changes to list referrals

Filtering has been changed from 'Set additionally Filters' to 'Show Additional Filters' which now informs the user that the filtering gets applied even when not shown. This toggles to 'Hide Additional Filters'. Previously this was not obvious.

Then once the user has selected any filter and applied it against a search, a new label and command button appears which allow the user to clear their additional filters:

This persists even if the user subsequently hides the additional filters so as to remind them that they have this filter applied.

Changes to ManageActivityDiaryEntries

Previously this incorrectly defaulted to showing 'All Schemes' under the Scheme filtering. However, this was never the case as what it would instead do a search using the first scheme.

Add a task trigger for activity bookings

A new trigger has been added which can be configured to fire when a patient attends an activity session.

In ManageRecurringTasks (reached via Manage Task from the Dashboard), when adding a New Task users are now able to configure a task trigger for when a patient attends an activity as show below:

Then once a patient has been booked in the activity, a task will appear on the Dashboard:

These trigger events are recorded in the history tab in manage referrals: