The scheduled maintenance slot between 2300hrs on Wed 27th Feb 2019 and 0200hrs Thurs 28th Feb 2019 will include the below items:

Enhancements and Features:

Ability to Print Questionnaires

Even in today’s digital world there are times when a paper copy of something is required. With that in mind we are pleased to announce we have developed a print option for all of our ‘modern questionnaire types’. The print option has always been a feature of our old questionnaire types and we have rolled this out across new questionnaire types.

You will see that this option is now available to you, if you currently use paper version of questionnaires and we hope this proves to be a positive new feature in the system.

Adding paging to the Dashboard for Tasks

Many of our clients work through their task lists from the dashboard. To improve the display and make the lists more usable across multiple devices we are introducing paging to the list of tasks.

Paging will be visible if you have greater than 50 tasks and the more tasks you have the more pages you will see. Used in conjunction with the current set of filters finding tasks will be simpler.

To step through the pages simply select the next page or navigate to the 'last' page. Please note if you are on any page other than the first page the system will update and provide you with an option to navigate to the 'first' page.

This will prove to be a tidier way of working and will lessen the impact of large searches on the system, which, in turn should bring about better performance.

Update to task filters

To compliment our new paging feature we have updated the available filters to help you locate outstanding tasks easier. The “Set Dates" feature now is blocked in to three month increments, although you can amend any one of those dates to narrow in on the desired range.

Please note: we have taken a decision to remove the 'all time' option from the task filters. This was a necessary step to reduce the calls to the system. The same result can be achieved by working with the 'set dates' feature. 

Bug Fixes

A fix is being implemented for a bug that was identified when using the text message batch action in List Referrals. The issue which cleared a selection if an error is encountered has been fixed so the selection is NOT cleared.

Helpful hints - working with tasks

When working with tasks it is good to consider:

  • If the number of tasks is rising rapidly on your dashboard it may be time to review the tasks that you are currently using. Head to Manage Tasks from the Dashboard and have a look if all the tasks created are still pertinent to your workflow.
  • Depending on your current workflow and number of staff we feel the sweet spot is 20-30 tasks per day per member of staff (Scheme Admin). 
  • Consider using the batch complete option from List Referrals - if you have batch actions enabled, expand the options by clicking the box at the bottom of the screen and produce a list of referrals using the available filters. Then use the batch complete option to complete the tasks for all of the people you have identified. 
  • Achieve inbox zero - not easy to accomplish but aim to complete all tasks on the dashboard for any given day. If you are like us at ReferAll you will feel a 'buzz' when the list displays zero (0).

If you would like a chat about your current tasks and how we may be able to help please contact us.

Additional Information from us at ReferAll


We are currently working our way through many items of work that have been requested by you all as our valued Customers. Any work requests are prioritised and a decision is made as to when a piece of work can be placed in Development.

We have experienced intermittent system interruptions which have affected some of you. We are concentrating on looking into improvements to the system and how to give you all a more positive experience. This will mean that some feature requests may be delayed but we have a clear log of all requests which we will continue to work through.

We, at Refer-all are constantly looking to enhance and evolve the system for the benefit of our customers. The teams here value your opinions and feedback, good and bad.