The Dashboard has a "Retain filter settings" box added for ease of use.

Following on from the recent changes to the dashboard, there will now be an option to retain the Dashboard’s filter settings. 

By ticking thie Retain filter settings box the dashboard will remember the last selection you looked at, which will save you having to re select the same criteria. This will remain in place for the duration of you being logged into the system. You will, therefore, need to remember to untick it if you change your criteria during a session of being logged in.

An example of this new feature is shown below:


In an attempt to improve and simplify the View you see in the Activities area we have introduced additonal filters and buttons.

These are detailed below. We hope you find these useful and easier to work with.

Manage Activities

This now defaults to showing ONLY the current and future sessions with the option to show finalised session instead, or to show all.

Manage Activity Session Registers

This no longer includes displaying the finalised sessions by default. 

You will need to select the appropriate checkbox - the first screenshot below shows where to find the checkbox

and the second one shows it being applied:

List Referrals 

As part of our ongoing performance improvements we have added the following features. Since implementing recent changes we have received feedback that this has had a postitive impact on performance, so we hope these changes to List Referrals will assist also.

List Referrals is now paged

Similar to the changes recently implemented for the Dashboard,  we have added this to the List Referrals tab. 

List Referrals - Batch actions

This will also mean that for those of you that use Batch Actions there will be a slight change to the way this needs to be done:

When you tick the Show Batch options button you will now see another box "Apply the batch action" to those referrals you have selected through the pages.

(in the example below we have ticked to apply to all 229 referrals which we had selected) 

PLEASE NOTE: The Batch actions function is currently ONLY available to "all" referrals are Complete Task/Raise Task batch action and the Batch - Print Letter

The Complete Task/Raise Task batch action and the Batch - Print Letter will have drop down boxes as below :

Other batch actions, such as Text Messages will also be benefiting from the "all" feature in the near future. In the meantime you will need to select the text messages you wish to send page by page.