New ability to change venues and sessions from the Manage Session Register page

We have updated one of the key modules of ReferAll based on customer feedback. This latest update brings a number of new functionalities to the Manage Session Register page.

The following example is a typical register for a session. This update allows Scheme Administrators to perform the following actions from within the register:

  • Update the date and time of the session - useful if a session falls on a bank holiday and needs re-scheduling or the time of a particular session changes. To update, simply provide a new date and / or time and this will be recorded in the session when Update Session Details is clicked. At this point in time, a text message (if configured) will not be sent out to update Participants - this will need to be undertaken manually. We will be introducing this in a later release.
  • The venue can be updated and amended from within the register, brining a refined method to the way we handle activities and sessions (see below).
  • Update capacity for that particular session.
  • Add session notes - you may wish to record notes about a particular session e.g. the room was too hot so you had to send people home early from class. Simply add a note and click Update Session Details and the note will be recorded.

Refined method for handling activities and sessions

Many of our customers create a particular activity that is defined by the location, owner and other variables. This latest update allows greater flexibility at the session level. This means that rather than having several activities for aerobics e.g Aerobics with Karen at Pool, Aerobics with Bob at Gym, Aerobics with Pam at Pool you now only need one Activitiy - Aerobics.

Once this activity is created a default venue is attributed to that activity. From this point when you generate sessions for that activity, at the point of generation you are able to specify the venue e.g.Pool, the owner e.g. Bob and the specific start times and end times. Next time you want to create sessions for Pam you simply create another batch of sessions for the Aerobics Activity, this time using the Pool as the venue and Pam as the owner.

From the Manage Session Registers page (calendar) you can apply filters based on Activity = Aerobics. This will display all the aerobics sessions run by different owners at different venues. If you need to focus on one venue just select the venue from the filter. You don’t need to search for another activity named Aerobics at the gym with Bob.

This is quite a dramatic change and one that you don’t have to make as the old method still works in tandem, but, we think this new method simplifies a number of processes. If you would like to know more or let us demo the functionality to you then please contact us.