A request to disable a User account is treated with the highest importance as access needs removing immediately.

To speed up this process,and prior to us doing this, we need you to check if there are any Referrals associated with this user

This is the process you need to follow to double check this:

Go to List Referrals - click to Show Additional Filters - make sure you select All in the Referral status, and each scheme she had access to - (you will need to reselect All after each scheme search) - select no dates but do select Referral Owner and choose the person from the list

The Search will show any referrals the person has and then we need to know what you wish us to do with them.

The options are :

1) to set all owned referrals to Not Owned which means anyone can view them and take ownership if you wish to

2) a designated person will have all the referrals re-assigned to them - this would be 1 person only. That person can then do as they wish with them, re-assign to individuals or whatever suits.

3) you re-assign them yourselves, which may take some time, especially if you are hoping to distribute to a few poeple.

Let us know your preference asap - the accounts should always be disabled as promptly as possible to prevent unauthorised access

Kind Regards Refer-All Support