Creating Sessions for your Activity


Find your Activity in the Manage Activities


Click Sessions


Click Generate Sessions


The Manage Activity Sessions screen will show the Activity in its Default Venue (the one you chose when you first created the Activity) – check this is the Venue you want to generate the sessions for.


If it is not that Venue you need to use the Drop down box and select another Venue

  • If the Venue you need is NOT there you will need to Add the Venue by following the solutions article for Add New Venue!


Choose your Session configuration ie: single session, multiple etc and fill in all the relevant boxes.



This will now have created the sessions you wanted – you can Preview this so you are able to double check before you click Generate


The next screen will show the sessions you have just generated with the configuration you chose

From here you can Manage the Register if you wish

Search by patient, or Search by Session the Add to Register