We are really pleased to be able to share with you some great new features and Enhancements which will be in place for you from 1st November 2019.

Activities Tab

Manage Bookings tab has an additional column for activity Context  and Course details where appropriate.

Referral Activities Tab within a Referral record

The Manage Bookings area 

When you look for available Activities to book and select BOOK this screen has changed

You will see there is now a Default Venue. You choose your Venue when you create your session.

Screenshot as below illustrates this:

If you select Create and book a new session you will be presented with an additional area where you choose your required Venue etc . 

Text Message Campaigns

New function to apply a text message campaign to all existing referrals in a scheme

There is now the ability to apply a text message campaign to all existing referrals (in a scheme).

In the Add Text Message Campaign dialogue area, the new checkbox defaults to being enabled.

This means that when checked and 'Saved' the campaign is assigned to all referrals .

                        It is also possible to update existing campaigns:

Please note :


It is NOT possible to untick a campaign that was already set to 'Apply to all Existing Referrals'

Managing your User Accounts and Logins 

Ability for specific people to Manage their Scheme Admin Accounts - Remove Users

This is permission based and is only available to users who have access to the Users tab from the main Dashboard. 

These people have been contacted and those who have said they would like to have more control over their User Accounts have been given the additional permissions necessary. This means that when staff members leave their accounts can be removed asap from the system. 

Clicking on Remove User brings up the following dialogue where the user is presented with a count of the referrals the user owns and the ability to reassign them to somebody else (or set them to 'Not owned'):

Activities - Session Register

Ability to change venue, date and time of Session from Session Register  

This is a great new function which means that you can amend a venue/date or time of a session from the Session Register

When you open a session you can select the new Venue, Date or Time.  Click Update Session Details to apply your changes.

You can now send a Session reschedule Text message if you wish to

To make use of this enhancement you will first have to Add Text Message Campaign called Session Re-Scheduling as per below screen shot:

Once this has been done you will be able to apply this to all Activities that you would like to have this capability 

To enable this within the Activity/Activities you would go to the Activities Tab from Dashboard - select Manage Activities and Search for them all. 

Once you have the list of your Activities you then need to click EDIT which opens the Activity Definition screen.

Go to the Text Messaging area where you will now see the Session Re-scheduling option and tick it .