We have a template (attached)  which can be used to Bulk Import Referrals from another provider 

Best way to approach this is to familairise yourself with the attached template first.

The first tab lists the columns that are used to populate your imported data.


It is important that you match the file you are needing to import to the relevant columns in our template. If your headings do not match our template you can copy and paste the source data into the relvant column in our template. 

All the remaining tabs are useful as they are letting you know the accepted criteria for our template. Having a look through these should prove worthwhile in understanding the first tab.

Once you are happy with the your template make sure you Save As .csv format - or it will not Upload

Then go to the Export/Import tab and Select Import

Under Import File Type select Import Referrals 

You can specify a date and time you would like this to happen

Choose your file and click Upload 

The system will tell you if there were any missing fields of data. 

If you have any questions regarding this process please contact us at support@refer-all.net  

(this will create ticket in our Support Desk for your reference and you will be updated via this ticket)