How to Delete Referrals from the system


There may be occasions when it is necessary to remove or delete a referral record from the system

This could be due to their being a duplicate or perhaps someone has been referred to the wrong scheme. It may also be a request from the patient/participant to have their data removed from the system.

There will be specific people in each of our Customer organisations that will have the permissions set in the system to Remove or Delete referrals/patient data.

If you are unsure who can do this, please email and we will assist in locating the person.

Please be very careful if you are Removing/Deleting Referrals from the system – be sure to follow the instructions below:

  1. Check the date that the person was referred, and the scheme they were referred to


In my example below the person was referred on 11/07/2018 to the Exercise on Referral scheme



  1. Next – go to List Referrals Icon on Dashboard and Select the scheme that the Referral is on

(in my case this was Exercise on Referral)

Select the All option in the Referral Status and then click to Show Additional Filters

Choose the date the person was Referred in the Date Span area –

In my example this was 11/07/2019 to 11/07/2019

Go to the Display fields area and select Referral Identifier  

(see screen shot below)



                Then Click Search

  1. Once the results appear you locate the referral you needed and choose the Delete option.

It does ask if you are sure you want to delete that referral before you then click OK