There is a function available to create courses rather than book session by session - if you are interested in using this we would need to know the name of the course, days of the week, and duration of course. Our Technical team would then confgure the course for you to create your session and times etc.

  1. Navigate to the Activities icon and make sure the Manage Activities tab is selected.
  2. Use the drop down filters to select the scheme / activity provider / venue and then click 'Search'
  3. for the chosen activity e.g. Yoga with Mike click Sessions.
  4. Click Generate Sessions, a popup appears.
  5. To select the course, use the radio buttons in the Define sessions section and select Course. 
  6. A new drop down appears below. Select the required course from the options.
  7. Complete all sections such as Session Owner, from which session you wish to start from e.g.Yoga, the Venue, start time and finish time.
  8. When happy with the selections, click Preview.
  9. Your sessions will be generated for you to Preview. When happy click Generate.

NB: If you need to amend a session e.g. one falls on a Bank Holiday, we recommend you do this from the Calendar after the course has been generated to preserve the order of the sessions within the course.