Using a task template to add to a Participants referral record

How can I add a Task to a Participant record?

Many of the tasks in the system have been daisy chained to reflect your processes. This means that if a certain task is completed e.g. Contact call #1 and the outcome is selected as unsuccessful (used when you were not able to speak to the Particpant) the next task in the daisy chain becomes active e.g. Contact call #2.

There will be times, when something breaks the natural daisy chain and there is a requirement to generate a task against a Participants record. To generate a task using one of the pre-configured templates (User Generated Task) follow these steps.

  1. From within a referral record and the tasks section click New Task.
  2. Select the relevant task from the list displayed e.g. Contact call #780.
  3. Set the date for the task to be generated (reminder) and click save.

If you experience a requirement to add a new template (User Generated) or need to amend the order which a daisy chain triggers contact your regional manager who will review and then contact us if required.