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Ways to continue to collect data.

If your service continues to operate during the pandemic and you do wish to collect data without face-to-face delivery, here's a few helpful tips.

This feature is not new, but some of our users have asked recently if they can send questionnaires out via email. The simple answer is you can!

In order to send questionnaires via email you have to be using our panel style questionnaires (similar to this screenshot):

Another way to check if your service uses panel style questionnaires is to head to any referral record in the system and navigate to the questionnaire tab. If you see an option to send via email then you are using the new style questionnaires. If you do see email questionnaire then this is the feature you might have been looking for.

  • 1. Clicking the email questionnaire link will send a pre-defined template email to the referral. You don't need to write any text the template will have been agreed by your Super User.
  • 2. Obviously, for the email to send, the referral needs to have a valid email.
  • 3. When the email is sent, and if you are on the phone with the referral during this time we recommend that you ask the referral to check their junk or spam folders. If the email has found its way there, asking the referral to mark as NOT spam will improve the delivery next time round.
  • 4. The email contains a special link called a GUID. When clicking this link the questionnaire is displayed to the referral ready for completion.
  • 5. When the questionnaire is completed and saved a notification is displayed on the dashboard.