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Add or remove a referrer to/from a referring organisation

Referrers may work for various practices, hospitals or organisations and often move around. Here's how to organise your referrers in your scheme:


Applies to:

Click on List Referrals, scroll to the lower end of the page.

If the 'Show batch actions' tick box isn't visible this permission hasn't been enabled for your user account. Please ask your Manager (if applicable) if they wish this to be enabled and contact support via this Help Centre.

To add a referrer to a referring organisation.

Whilst entering paper referrals, you may find a referrer is not on the list of referrers when you have selected the organisation. Add the referral as normal but at the end you must complete the following steps.

  1. Select the organisation.
  2. Click Add Referrer to Location.
  3. Enter the first name and surname of the referrer and tick the check box . Click Match Referrer. The system will check whether someone with a similar name or the same name exists. This is possible because of staff moving round or being based at numerous locations. If the person already exists, select that person and go to step 5.
  4. Chose the specialisation of the person and select the organisation you are assigning them to.
  5. Click Add Referrer.

To remove a referrer to a referring organisation

When entering a referral

  1. Select the organisation.
  2. Click Remove next to the referrer that you want to remove.

From List Referring Organisations

  1. Click the Referring Organisation icon
  2. Click View Referrers
  3. Click Remove next to the referrer that you want to remove.

You are not able to remove a referrer who has open authorisation requests (this only applies to clients using the Healthcare Professionals Portal referrals and Authorisation configuration)