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How do I cancel and restore a session?

In the ReferAll Activities solution, you may need to cancel a session for example, due to instructor illness. To reverse this action, we've made it easy to restore a session. Here's how:

To cancel a session, please follow the below guidelines;

There are two methods;

Method 1:

      1. Click on the Activities tab on the dashboard
      2. You can edit the sessions from the list of sessions which appear.
      3. Click on the session you wish to delete
      4. Click Manager Register
      5. A pop up box will appear and you can select Cancel Session
      6. Confirm that you wish to cancel the session

Method 2:

    1. Click on the  Activities tab on the dashboard and then Manage session registers

    2.  The calendar will appear - You then need to click on the session you wish to cancel

    3. A pop up box will appear with a button within it called ' Cancel Session'

Restore a session

a. Click on the Activities tab on the dashboard.

b. Click Manage session registers

c. Tick Show cancelled sessions and click on the session you wish to restore (these will appear as red and a line through the text)

d. Click Restore session