Change the reason for Not Participating/Left Early

If you have entered the referrals reason for Not Participating (NP) or Left Early (LE) incorrectly and would like to change it then follow the below steps;

  1. Click on the List Referrals icon tab on the dashboard.
  2. Select the appropriate referral status (NP or LE)
  3. Click Set Additional Filters link which is underneath the 'Referral Status' filter and select the relevant date range which relates to the person you are wanting to amend.
  4. In the Display Fields section on the page, you will need to tick the Status and Reason for NP/LE boxes. Click Search.
  5. Find the person you were looking for.
  6. You will see a column called Reason for NP or LE - click on the reason for the patient NP or LE in the and a pop up box will appear.
  7. Change the reason accordingly. Once you have selected the new reason, the pop up will automatically close (please be aware that if you press the button Close in the pop up box - any amendments or changes you have just made will not save)