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Delete a single session or bulk delete sessions

If you need to delete rather than cancel a session/sessions, read on to find out how:

To find a session / sessions to delete, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Activities icon.
  2. Either filter the list of activities to locate the activity or locate the activity from the list.
  3. Click Sessions next to the activity whose sessions you want to delete.
  4. Use the filters to limit the available sessions. You can filter between dates and/or venue and/or context.
  5. Click Search to display the sessions matching the applied filters.
  6. To reset the results click the Reset Filter button.

Session Filter

To delete an individual session, follow the instructions below

  1. Once a session has been located using the above method, click the Delete Session link next to the appropriate session.
  2. A dialog box will display asking for confirmation of the action.
  3. Once confirmed, the session will be deleted.

Delete this session

To delete sessions in bulk, follow the instructions below 

  1. Once a group of sessions has been located using the above filtering method use the tick box selector to select one or more sessions for deletion.
  2. Once the sessions have been selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Delete Sessions button.
  3. A dialog box will display asking for confirmation of the action.
  4. Once confirmed, the sessions will be deleted.

Selecting multiple sessions for deletion.

Session filters and display

Confirmation of sessions to be deleted

Confirmation of session deletion