How can I add a postcode to my scheme's coverage area?

Scheme postcodes will be part of your ReferAll set-up process. When adding a new referral via the 'Refer Patient' icon, if the postcode is not in your scheme coverage area a message will display. Here's how to add a postcode to your scheme:

1. Click the Schemes icon

2. Scroll past the scheme information and click 'Add New Postcode' 

'Add New Postcode' button not available? Please ask your manager or contact ReferAll support to request this permission.

3. Click the Postcode area box to add.

Add the whole 'generic' part of the postcode until the final number leaving out the last two letters.
For example: Manchester M1 1 is valid and BN1 1 is valid etc.

An invalid postcode error message will appear if you attempt to add a full postcode.

4. Click Save