How can I enable ReferAll's Text Message feature?

Text Messaging feature is built directly into the ReferAll platform, providing you with a time-saving solution to send and receive text message, either on an adhoc basis or to a group of referrals.

Unable to see the Text Messages icon? 

Please read this additional note:

If ReferAll's Text Messaging feature has not been requested for your services, Super Users can find out more by contacting us via our support channels.

The following offers advice and requirements for Text Message use and management.

  • Text credits can be purchased by emailing Minimum purchase is 5,000 credits. Once we have receive your support request, we will confirm the cost per credit.
  • When submitting the Purchase Order, if you have more than one scheme please confirm the distribution of credits for each scheme.
  • The first is the number of characters allowed per text. You are allowed 160 characters including spaces in one text message.
  • For every 160 characters you use, you use another credit. For example, a text message that consisted of 200 characters, the cost would be two credits (1-160 = one credit, 161 to 320 = two credits). 
  • When creating or amending a text message, you will need to take into consideration we do not accept the words 'today' / 'tomorrow' / 'yesterday' within the text. Appropriate dates relating to the activity or session the referral is booked onto or has attended, needs to be applied.
  • No Emojis - The text message service does not currently support emojis being sent.

**Please note** The mobile number text messages are sent from in ReferAll is generic. In order the referral knows who has sent the text we recommend you use your service name in the sign-off, or somewhere in the message content.