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How to view built in Reports

ReferAll's all-in-one solution for your key performance indicators. Our Process Reports make it simple to analyse complex questionnaire data at key intervention points.

Here's how to easily run reports. The ReferAll Process Reports is accessible from the Dashboard. 

  1. When clicking on the Reports icon from the Dashboard you will see two radio button selections – Process Reports and Outcome reports
  2. The Default selection=Process Reports. Keep this setting.
  3. Select the appropriate scheme from the drop down menu at the top left from Scheme Selection: All or select schemes (note All your schemes selection does not include referred on schemes).

  4. Select the desired time period using the definable date range:
    - Across all time or Between dates
    - Default selection=By date referred in date range
    - When selecting 'By absolute date' your referral reports will display data for the chosen filter within the date range regardless the date of referral.

  5. Filter by owner: 
    Default=All owners or you can select an owner from your list:
  6. Select the desired report under Report Selection.

    Postcode and deprivation data

    • Referrals by quintile of deprivation, 
    • Referrals by decile of deprivation
    • Referrals by electoral ward
    • Referrals by district

    Postcode and deprivation data selections will also display any referrals for data that is not available, and are grouped separately as per the example below:

  7. When you have made your selection, click Generate Report.

    The reports detail the numbers of referrals within each stage (ie referred, participating etc) and percentage take up across all time.