Offsetting the delivery of a text message

When setting up automated text messages there are times when an offset should be applied. This article explores further.

When setting up a text message campaign there are times when an offset is needed. As an example you may want the system to send an automated text message 4 days after a referral is moved in to the status - Participating.

To do this follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Text Messages in the top navigation.
  • Locate the text campaign you want to edit or create a New Text Campaign.
  • Within the campaign settings there is the option to provide an offset in hours as below:

Text Message Delivery Offset

  • Enter the offset you require e.g. 24 hours = 1 day and save the campaign.
  • This campaign can be applied to a specific activity or to a referral.
  • When the event is triggered the text message will be sent (x) hours after based on the specified offset.