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Risk Assessment

  1. Search for the client in question, using the patient search or if the client is visible in the tasks and reminders panel on the home page - click Action.
  2. In the Referral Details tab (which you will be viewing once you have selected the client because it is the default view), click on the arrow found in the Patient Risk Assessment panel to open the panel.
  3. Complete the assessment details (text) and select the appropriate risk level from the Assessed Risk Level drop down box. Click Add Risk Assessment to save the risk assessment.

Once you have completed the risk assessment, it will be added to the referral history. Should the risk assessment change, you can complete another risk assessment which will overwrite the previous risk assessment. In this case, both risk assessments would be visible in the client's referral history.

Please note - any changes made will be recorded in the client's referral history (for more on referral history see Client's referral history)