Send emails + documents from ReferAll

This feature enables you to send an email to an individual referral and attach a document from within ReferAll. 

Follow the steps below:

  • To send an email to an individual open their referral and click into the Referral Details tab. 
  • Scroll down to the smaller tabs and select the Email Messages tab. 
  • Enter the email subject and the content of the email in the relevant fields. 
  • Documents can be attached to the email. Click on the Available documents drop down and select a document to attach. PLEASE NOTE you are only able to attach previously uploaded/generated documents. To do this, go to the Documents tab within the referral, choose file and click/tap the Upload button:

  • You can choose to send the email immediately or schedule the email to send at a later date. 
  • Click Send Email message. 
  • The email status and details will appear in the column as shown below: