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Similar tasks appearing at the same time

Should you have multiple tasks appear against one referral which are very similar, its likely they are using the same trigger/event.

Have a look at the automatic task set up. To do this click Manage Tasks button on the dashboard, which is located at the bottom right of the task section.

  1. Scroll down the list of tasks until you find the one you wish to check. 
  2. Click Edit and a pop up will appear.
  3. Check the Event section – If is states ‘User Generated’ then this task will only appear when manually added by an administrator. If it states anything else the task will be generated by the system.
  4. If it is not 'User Generated' note down any fields that appear and then compare against the other tasks that maybe appearing at the same time.
  5. If the tasks are using the same fields then you can set the task to inactive. You can only delete a task if it has not already run.