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Substates and their uses

Creating a substate allows you to filter referrals further than status alone.

Create a Substate when you create a new task. This carries across referral statues and the substate task remains until marked complete, for example:

You may want to know how many people you have sent a welcome letter that have not responded.

You would find the task "No response, set to Not Participating" (created by you or a team member) and click Edit next to the task. Now, you would tick the Substate task check box and add in substate title of your choice.

If the referral task is added to the referral either by the system or by user, the substate appears in the referral underneath the statuses

In list of referrals you can filter by substate. Choose the appropriate substate you want to filter by, choose whether you want to see substates that are:

  • Active (appear in a referral record)
  • Closed (no longer appear in a referral record)
  • Historic (anyone who had that task assigned in the past, before substates were created)
  • Search.