Unable to submit a new referral?

ReferAll has an automatic checking mechanism that prevents a new referral from being added if an active referral for the person already exists.

If you see this red error message after inputting a new referral and clicking the submit button

"Patient referral cannot proceed. The patient already has an active referral in this scheme."

This message will display if the client has a referral in any of the following statuses:

  • Referred
  • Intends to Participate
  • Participating

What action can you take?

  1. Head to the Search icon.

  2. Search for the client  and click Search.
  3. All referrals for the client in the scheme will display below, displaying the status of each referral (if > one).
  4. Process the 'active' referral accordingly. N.B. In some cases, you may not need to add a new referral, or depending on your scheme process flow you may need to change the status to 'end' and then add the new referral.